Article Posted At The Daily Mac View “Apple Comes On Strong”

At The Daily Mac View an analytical article titled “Apple Comes on Strong” has been posted on Apple’s most recent launch of products for 2014. Hailed as the final slew of products to be released by Apple for 2014, it is an impressive set of technologies. The most prominent of the technologies to be released […]

Apple’s Presentation is currently Underway

As I watch the presentation I remain in wonder as Apple is really just doing everything, in my view, right. Once the presentation is over, i’ll come back with an article in The Daily Mac View with a review.

Whatever Happened to DEVONthink?

For quite some time I’ve written about DEVONthink and the value it provides. It is a powerful application however, it seems to have become dated in time. Most of its genre of applications have now diied. If they live, they live quietly with hardly any mention of them. DEVONthink seems to have failed to flourish […]

It’s About the iPad

Thursday October 16, the day of the second big launch from Apple this fall, should bring us more than one thing however, possibly the most important of which from Apple’s eyes will be the next iPad. Interestingly, the rumour mill hasn’t gone wild with this one as they did with the iPhone 6. The iPad […]

Bendgate: When Things Go too Far

In an article titled “Bendgate: Much Ado about Nothing” I indicated that this situation was more than likely being overblown and Apple was coming back fighting. Now in an article posted at The Verge called “Idiots are destroying iPhones at Apple Stores to prove they can bend” the situation is now getting a touch ridiculous. […]


Gold Master 3 in the Yosemite Program released right after Gold Master 2

Apple released to the developer community Gold Master 3 as part of the Yosemite beta program. They had only released their Gold Master 2 and within a couple of days version 3 came out. Apple is Ready to Launch Yosemite Apple is ready to launch and it is only a few days until Tim Cook […]

Chronosync Express for the App Store was released today by Econ Technologies

Chronosync, one of the most powerful and reliable backup and sync solutions for the Mac was released today for the App Store as Chronosync Express. Chronosync as a complete backup and full sync solution is difficult to beat. Chronosync Express just lacks a couple of the features of Chronosync due to the App Store requirements […]

Upgade Special – FileMaker Store Purchase Individual Licenses

For those of you who Use or Love Filemaker Filemaker is a fantastic database product for both the Mac and Windows. I thought I’d bring to your attention that they have a special on till Sept 26 on upgrade licenses. If you go to FileMaker Store Purchase Individual Licenses for pricing, depending on what version […]

OmniFocus 2 for the iPad Launches and it Completes the Line

OmniFocus 2 for the iPad launched yesterday and it looks great. Now the line is rouned out and all apps resemble and work like each other. When thinking of David Allen’s view of flow OmniFocus has it in spades. This is a nice release. The layout takes good advantage of the iPad’s screen real estate. […]

Snagit’s 3.2 Upgrade Resolves compatibility Problem with Yosemite

Techsmith has just released version 3.2 of Snagit for the Mac. Snagit is probably he best of the midrange screen capture, image capture and video capture programs on the market. 3.2 though adds important functionality and ensures that the program will run in Yosemite. Prior to 3.2, Snagit ran on Yosemite up till Yosemite’s most […]