Bendgate: When Things Go too Far

In an article titled “Bendgate: Much Ado about Nothing” I indicated that this situation was more than likely being overblown and Apple was coming back fighting. Now in an article posted at The Verge called “Idiots are destroying iPhones at Apple Stores to prove they can bend” the situation is now getting a touch ridiculous. […]

Now all we Need Is Yosemite

With IOS 8 having made it’s debuted Now all we Need Is Yosemite IOS 8 has arrived and with it two new iPhones that enhance functionality dramatically. Now all we need is Yosemite to complete picture. In fact, there are aspects of IOS 8 that don’t run properly without it. However, as much as we […]

Bendgate: Much Ado about Nothing

Bendgate, as it is referred to, is all the talk of the iPhone 6 upgrades these days. The issue has to do with primarily the iPhone 6 plus and it bending under pressure. Although interesting and certainly for those affected likely very disturbing, it really is much ado about nothing. Any product will have build […]

It’s only a phone but What a Phone it Is: iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 launched today from Apple. This was one of the most highy anticipated launches. With the array of Android phones pushing the envelope on larger sized screens, the iPhone 5’s screen seemed puny by comparison. As such, there was a lot of pent up demand for this phone. People simply wanted that larger […]

Apple’s Rumour Mill is Running in High Gear

In the tech press, rumours abound as to what Apple has up its sleeve. There’s not a day that goes by that something isn’t written about the unannounced iPhone 6. Some of these rumours verge on absolute absurdity.


Upgade Special – FileMaker Store Purchase Individual Licenses

For those of you who Use or Love Filemaker Filemaker is a fantastic database product for both the Mac and Windows. I thought I’d bring to your attention that they have a special on till Sept 26 on upgrade licenses. If you go to FileMaker Store Purchase Individual Licenses for pricing, depending on what version […]

OmniFocus 2 for the iPad Launches and it Completes the Line

OmniFocus 2 for the iPad launched yesterday and it looks great. Now the line is rouned out and all apps resemble and work like each other. When thinking of David Allen’s view of flow OmniFocus has it in spades. This is a nice release. The layout takes good advantage of the iPad’s screen real estate. […]

Snagit’s 3.2 Upgrade Resolves compatibility Problem with Yosemite

Techsmith has just released version 3.2 of Snagit for the Mac. Snagit is probably he best of the midrange screen capture, image capture and video capture programs on the market. 3.2 though adds important functionality and ensures that the program will run in Yosemite. Prior to 3.2, Snagit ran on Yosemite up till Yosemite’s most […]

Intuit upgrades Quicken for the Mac to Quicken 2015

After quite some time, Quicken has finally upgraded its Mac version of the financial software to Quicken 2015. Intuit seemed to become quite derailed in its Mac strategy and was not at all prepared for the Intel switch by Apple. Quicken Essentials Stopgap Intuit came out with Quicken Essentials, an Intel capable program that did […]