As Gartner Predicted Mobile is Coming into its Own

I recall a few years ago reading a Gartner white paper that predicted by 2015 mobility would be where its at. They were spot on the money. Not only is mobility where its at, it is the primary tool for a lot of people that would have at one time sat down to their computer. […]

Is Apple Getting Boring

This is a question that needs answering but it certainly doesn’t have an easy answer. In some ways it is as although they’re doing tremendously well they’re doing it all on the what is. Other than the iWatch, an innovative yet stylish device, Apple’s product line is really Steve Job’s product line of course with […]

Blackberry is Turning a Corner and it’s in the Right Direction

In a message from John Chen, the CEO of Blackberry titled A Message from John S. Chen, BlackBerry Executive Chair and CEO BlackBerry is finally moving to an assertive stance with their new strategy in place. Things are looking quite good for BlackBerry these days. Although they have a lot of work a head of […]

Microsoft to work with Dropbox to Provide Sync

Microsoft has announced they will work with Dropbox on a variety of items such as simply storing files in the cloud that will work seamlessly with office. This is great news for the Dropbox user and Dropbox themselves but there is more that is probably more significant. Sync via Dropbox circumventing iCloud and the Apple […]

iPhone 6 Crashing Especially the 128 Gig Model

In a recent article in the “International Business Times” titled “Apple iPhone 6 Plus Keeps Crashing, Owners Say, Especially 128GB Model“ there seem to be some problems users are experiencing with the new machines. Likely this Is related to memory and the way memory is managed in the new system. 128 meg memory seem to […]


Things for IOS has gone Free; 30% off Mac Version

For the very first time, Things, the popular GTD oriented task manager has gone completely free for IOS. Additionally, you can get Things for the Mac at 30% off. This program is considered on of the best for GTD’rs but is also considered an easy to use program. This is a really good deal. One […]

Whatever Happened to DEVONthink?

For quite some time I’ve written about DEVONthink and the value it provides. It is a powerful application however, it seems to have become dated in time. Most of its genre of applications have now diied. If they live, they live quietly with hardly any mention of them. DEVONthink seems to have failed to flourish […]

Gold Master 3 in the Yosemite Program released right after Gold Master 2

Apple released to the developer community Gold Master 3 as part of the Yosemite beta program. They had only released their Gold Master 2 and within a couple of days version 3 came out. Apple is Ready to Launch Yosemite Apple is ready to launch and it is only a few days until Tim Cook […]

Chronosync Express for the App Store was released today by Econ Technologies

Chronosync, one of the most powerful and reliable backup and sync solutions for the Mac was released today for the App Store as Chronosync Express. Chronosync as a complete backup and full sync solution is difficult to beat. Chronosync Express just lacks a couple of the features of Chronosync due to the App Store requirements […]

Upgade Special – FileMaker Store Purchase Individual Licenses

For those of you who Use or Love Filemaker Filemaker is a fantastic database product for both the Mac and Windows. I thought I’d bring to your attention that they have a special on till Sept 26 on upgrade licenses. If you go to FileMaker Store Purchase Individual Licenses for pricing, depending on what version […]