Thumbs Up to Apple Pay and TV; Not so Sure about the Watch

I’ve given myself a bit of time to see if I could get excited by the Apple watch and the more I think about it the more I think no at least for myself. I don’t like the idea it’s tied to your phone. However, mostly, a watch to me is such a personal thing […]

Cross Platform is the Watch Word Going Forward

Cross platform, or the ability for one application to work identically on another platform (e.g. Windows and Mac) and even sync with each other, has been with us for a long time. However, it really has never had its day in the sun. Rather, other things had to fall into place for this to take […]

Apple hit with Class Action Lawsuit over IOS 8 Misrepresenting Storage Capacity

In this article at the Apple Insider titled “Class-action lawsuit accuses Apple of misrepresenting iPhone storage with iOS 8” users have banded together to challenge Apple’s stated information regarding available data storage on an iPhone 6. This is particularly a problem with any 16 gig device which most definitely will likely run short on memory. […]


IOS 8.3 Released

IOS 8.3 has been released, along with the update to Yosemite. It addresses a number of the outstanding problems with IOS 8.2. WIFI One of the major areas worked on was the stability and the performance of IOS WIFI. For this reason alone, it is worth upgrading your IOS system. There are many bugs that […]

Yosemite update 10.10.3 Released

An update to Yosemite has just been released. 10.10.3 is now the oficial current version of OSX. This update is intended to address a number of thorny issues outstanding with the operation of the OS. WIFI WIFI was one of the major things tackled in this release. People were reporting a number of problems with […]

Site News

At The Mac View/Daily Mac View we’ve been busy of late reconfiguring, primarily the Mac View, to bring you our software sales in a more consolidated, easy to use fashion. We’ve implemented a system that puts access to all of this right in front the user at the Mac View in the first columns dropdown. […]

Alfred has just been released at Version 2.6

Alfred continues to make strides in enhancing its power. Numerous enhancements have been added such as: NEW!!! Alfred Remote for iOS: Add default support for sending attachments in Airmail 2 Reorganise the default hotkeys framework to sync more gracefully, removing defunct code Add homebrew Caskroom and Cellar to Alfred’s default search scope There are […]