Apple’s Rumour Mill is Running in High Gear

In the tech press, rumours abound as to what Apple has up its sleeve. There’s not a day that goes by that something isn’t written about the unannounced iPhone 6. Some of these rumours verge on absolute absurdity.

Apple Stock has been on a Tear

Over the last month, Apple stock has risen dramatically from around $600 to around $640. Likely a large part that plays a role in this is the 7 for 1 stock split that is occuring June 2 and the buy back plan offer the company has proferred up. There might be some pent up expectation […]

Beats Music Deal is Appearing Stranger by the Day

There is simply no two ways about the Beats music deal; it is appearing stranger by the day. Most if not all tech analysts are now scratching their head wondering how this makes sense and some are quite certain this makes no sense for Apple.

Ive’s is taking on an Expanded Role at Apple

Greg Christie of Apple, who led the company’s “human interface” team that designs software for its products, is retiring, and Jony Ive’s will be taking over his responsibilities. This is very significant for Jony Ive’s as he is already the most powerful person in Apple and his base is getting larger.


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