Cross Platform is the Watch Word Going Forward

Cross platform, or the ability for one application to work identically on another platform (e.g. Windows and Mac) and even sync with each other, has been with us for a long time. However, it really has never had its day in the sun. Rather, other things had to fall into place for this to take […]

Apple hit with Class Action Lawsuit over IOS 8 Misrepresenting Storage Capacity

In this article at the Apple Insider titled “Class-action lawsuit accuses Apple of misrepresenting iPhone storage with iOS 8” users have banded together to challenge Apple’s stated information regarding available data storage on an iPhone 6. This is particularly a problem with any 16 gig device which most definitely will likely run short on memory. […]

Mobile is Fully Upon us as Demonstrated by iPhone Sales

The launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus are by far Apple’s most successful launch of a product to date. In Steven Kovach’s article “iPhone Sales Are Going Nuclear” a note from Morgan Stanley estimates Apple could sell up to 70 million iPhones in this quarter alone. In other words it’s called Samsung Eat […]

As Gartner Predicted Mobile is Coming into its Own

I recall a few years ago reading a Gartner white paper that predicted by 2015 mobility would be where its at. They were spot on the money. Not only is mobility where its at, it is the primary tool for a lot of people that would have at one time sat down to their computer. […]


Alfred has just been released at Version 2.6

Alfred continues to make strides in enhancing its power. Numerous enhancements have been added such as: NEW!!! Alfred Remote for iOS: Add default support for sending attachments in Airmail 2 Reorganise the default hotkeys framework to sync more gracefully, removing defunct code Add homebrew Caskroom and Cellar to Alfred’s default search scope There are […]

Mail Pilot 2 is almost ready to go for IOS

pimg src= alt= title= //p pMail Pilot for IOS was a disaster. It was a great concept but it was rushed to the door and was, as a result, very buggy. Mail Pilot lost what good faith they had until they released Mail Pilot 2 for the Mac which went over well and was a […]

Outlook 15.4 is ready to Go till the Next Version of Office is Released

Microsoft is busily working on the next version of Office for the Mac. The new office is referred to as Mac for Office 365. They fell behind their intended schedule of a fall 2014 release. Mac users are in desperate need though of an updated Office as Mac Office 2011 is four years old. However, […]

The Hit List iPhone version Upgraded to v2 with free Sync

The Hit List, a popular GTD task management system, has been adrift for quite some time now with little attention paid to anything about the product. Karelia bought them about two years ago as they saw synergies between the companies. New Life New life is being breathed back into the product. They have just upgraded […]