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The Mac View is your go to site for the Daily Mac ViewfrontpagemanhattanThe Mac View and The Daily Mac View are new sites for all things Mac including IOS. The Mac View  is intended to provide you with topical information, news, information regarding the sites and pointers to services for the Mac ecosystem all found in the dropdown menus at the top of the home page. The Daily Mac View is your site for quality content on the Mac ecosystem. Various topics will constantly be covered and delivered primarily on a daily basis.

The Mac View can be considered your go to site for all new information. It is a place to find out what has recently been posted at either site, current news and access to the Daily Mac View your site for content. The sites work in tandem and are fully interlinked. However, The Mac View provides you with one stop access to the Daily Mac View and its content and The Mac View. The Mac View is the place to get all current information on recent article postings, news on Apple that stands out, views, analysis, news on the sites ,editors picks for software, hardware and articles and product sales and deals that seem particularly appealing.

Both sites are run, managed and edited by Kerry Dawson who’s thirty plus years in I.T. gives him the ability to reflect on technology past, present and future and thus to provide musings, reflections and analysis. The hope is that you come to visit, stay a while, enjoy, share and get the information you are looking for.