Two App Studio has Released Journey (Journal) for IOS

The award winning Journaling system Journey has been released for IOS completing a beautiful diarizing set. It works on both Android, IOS and Mac completing one of the best Journaling experiences you could have.

The other award winning app for the same use, Day One, has just been made available for Android. Although there have been some cross platform systems there has been nothing as nice as Journey and Day One. Either system you would be extremely happy with as the layouts have been thought out so nicely.

Now a Fantastic Cross Platform Space

Journaling is such a useful activity for so many things most of which I have discussed in other articles. The problem till now was if you had an Android as your phone, your selection of good, cross platform Journaling tools was limited. No longer.

Journey has been the editors choice in the Android space for a good period. Day One has also been an editor’s choice in the IOS space. The truth is they are both excellent which makes it is impossible to say this one is better than that except for the odd little feature like Dark Mode only being available on Journey.

Otherwise, your choice might just be based on price. Again, it is very difficult to choose anyone that is the best as they both work so well. It is also difficult to let price be your guide as the price is only pennies a year in difference.

In the long run, especially since this is a journaling app, let how it feels for you be your guide. That which you’re most comfortable with in use and appearance is how you will achieve your greatest benefit and help ensure you can use it. What’s nice though is not just the number of cross platform apps that have not only become available in this space but apps themselves too.

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