About a Day to Go to 2017’s Fall Announcement

It is just about upon us now. Apple has sent out the invites to it’s Sept 12 invite which includes most importantly its new iPhone 8 overview along with a number 0f her projects.

It was impossible to miss this news announcement. They hype surrounding this definitely went off the charts. For the longest while there it seemed as if everything mattered but Apple. At the end of the day though, Apple sent the invites and it really is only through Apple that we can expect to here the truth rather than all the conjecture.

Where Truth Begins and Ends

As these truisms have developed, we can all breath a sigh of relief when Apple reveals the Truth.

So that no one misses this though we should all tune Tuesday at 1pm Pacific time to get a breath of oxygen. Generally this has always been a fun event. The fun is in find out what Apple will release providing guidance till the next round. Equip yourself well, possibly even with jet packs in case is becomes all to easily apparent who’s Apple’s fortune teller of the day is.

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