Apple’s Third Quarter Report prior to iPhone 8 Release

In the following video from CNET you will see that Apple is doing extremely well even without the launch of the iPhone 8 as of yet. One thing they have been trying to consistently accomplish is to get the iPad selling in greater numbers than previous quarters. Apple has accomplished this.

New, Significant Numbers

Revenue for the quarter was $45.4 billion. The iPad increased to 11.42 million units in sales up from 9.95 a year ago. This is a significant increase and the new iPad Pro along with the new iPad can explain this increase.

Finally, Apple is sitting on a cash reserve of $261.5 billion. This is a lot of money and much debate has occurred over how Apple should be using this money from greater dividends through investments in existing companies needed to continue them forth to just straight R&D. Regardless, the bottom line is Apple had another excellent quarter.

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