Does it Make Sense to upgrade from a Good iMac 2015 to a 2017

Apple has finally addressed their Mac lineup of computers and in a meaningful way. I wanted to bring you this video, done by Apple Insider, on the differences between an iMac 27” done in 2015 and today’s current iMac. The difference in the capabilities of the machines, depending on what you do with your unit, could make all the difference in the world.

There Could be Reasons to stay Put or Upgrade

This type of title, I know, can drive you a touch nuts. However, one needs to do a complete inventory assessment of what you do to be able to answer the question about upgrading. If you are a gamer or make you’re living by creating video content, then it would almost seem that an upgrade makes perfect sense.

However, let’s say you just write, which can involve a lot of open apps, taking memory but no app requiring a pile of power to meaningfully save you enough time that it makes a difference. In this video, it is clear, that a 2015 iMac can have it’s memory increased beyond 32 gig. This alone, might make all the difference in the world.

However, the one thing to bear in mind about an upgrade is that the components will all be upgraded and therefore you’re upgrade to a 2017 iMac might not do the trick. Yet, a memory upgrade alone, if it is reasonable in price, imight be all that’s needed.

As can be seen, the decision is not straightforward. This is why you need to take stock in what you do for a living knowing that you cannot be very productive if you are constantly fighting with your computer. If you’re not always in battle mode, an upgrade might be an unnecessary expense.

The Apple Insider Video

This video, I think is very objective, and should be of a help to anyone who is in the market for at least a performance enhancement. How you go about this though will ultimately depend on your system requirements. I would be very interested in knowing whether there is value in this type of relaying information to you or not.

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