Tech Stocks Hit Hard including Apple

The election of Donald Trump is causing a lot of uncertainty, panic and of course doubt. Tech stocks tend to be very attune to overall market conditions and often can be a forbear of things to come. In this early article “Uncertainty over Trump pushes tech stocks into the red” significant tech stocks were to prove to be in for very rough ride in the early days of the electoral results certainly enhancing overall unease about the outcome of the election

Stocks Showed Signs of a bit of a Recovery Yesterday and Today

A turnaround in the listed stocks in the above named article brought about somewhat a sigh of relief. However, it so odd that any indicator to the positive is being viewed immediately as “we’ll be alright”. At the moment, it is impossible to tell how well this turnaround will grasp traction and what everyone is hoping is that it’s not the beginning of the end already.

All Eyes are Being Glued in One Direction

As of now, all eyes are being glued in one direction to see if there is more that can tell us how industry etc will accept the outcome of the election. Conservative by nature, no one wants to see their life savings go up in smoke just as they are readying for retirement. Of course, a major place money was parked as of late, is in tech stocks due partly to size, a new industry, a growth industry etc.

The downturn fraid people’s nerves somewhat in the earlier days and oddly enough this minor turn to the positive is being viewed as the first positive indicator the market might be alright. A flash fire is exactly that; a flash fire which doesn’t necessarily have well understood reasons for being. In the case of Trump, a flash fire would severely cripple people’s investments but unlike the flash fire it will be well understood why this took of like a brush fire and no one knows how large that brush will be.

As Bob Dylan sang in 1964 “The Times the are a Changing”.

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