Blackberry’s Last Phone just happens to be its Best Phone

This article spells out how the DTEK60 is a screamer; a good phone priced aggressively. Could this finally be the phone that might not win the war but certainly the day. The irony is that this is the last phone BlackBerry is producing itself but rather is farming out the BlackBerry name to let another produce phones that will carry its moniker.

Not to get to sentimental, but this oddity can’t help but to hit home. BlackBerry has been late to market; has arrived with expensive and odd phones and delivered phones that just could no longer capture the consumer psyche. Not to say they were bad phones just peculiar or expensive.

Have to first Assume this one Will be a Winner

To follow with the above train of thinking, which is this might be an odd time to leave the phone market, one has to assume this phone will go over. Logically, price relative to what you are getting can only lead one to speculate this phone will be a winner regardless of how finicky the consumer mentality is.

Assuming this phone would be a winner, as long as BlackBerry stuck to this winning formula, there is little reason think their phones would not do well.

Not to Get Ahead of ourselves but…

There have been so many disappointments on the BlackBerry front in recent years it is hard not to look at this phone and see it as nothing but a winner. Rather than speculate, time will tell the story and probably pretty fast.

Assuming the phone is a winner then, is it the best time to get out of this business. Granted the third party player will at least be delivering a phone with the BlackBerry Moniker yet the recipient of this success will only be BlackBerry in name but not dollars. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens here but it will be an odd twist of fate if this is a winner. It’s difficult, all things considered, not to see it this way but for all intents and purpose it looks like both an excellent individual buy and a corporate buy. Here’s to time keeping an eye on this but you can bet your bottom dollar the results of this endeavor will be reported fast and furious either to the positive or the negative.

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