Blackberry Announces the New DTEK60, an Affordable yet Powerful Smartphone

BlackBerry has announced, on Oct 25, 2016, the DTEK60. From all appearances, this is a powerful Smartphone priced very aggressively at $499 USD. To start with, from a design and visual perspective, this is a BlackBerry but an extremely nice looking BlackBerry. Gone are all the obscure appearances of say the Passport to be replaced with a good looking cell phone.

Specs are Very Current and then Some

To start with, the system provides you with an incredibly crisp 534 PPI pixel density LCD screen. Add to this is a 21 megapixel camera (iPhone is 12) and you already have the makings of an impressive phone. Running on Android 6 or Marshmallow, the system can take a 256 gig card, more than enough space for even the most capacious of file producing users.

The DTEK60 uses a state of the art Snap Dragon 820 CPU yet provides excellent battery life performance specs.

Could this be Their Turnaround Phone

I have watched BlackBerry for quite some time and although they have done some things quite well, they’ve had more than their fair share of missteps. Added to that, they have released phones few have been able to get excited about. This phone could easily be a real winner with its impressive specs and Blackberry’s very admired security features.

Time will of course tell the story but having lived through many BlackBerry disappointments this appears to be a winner. In reality, there is no reason this could not be BlackBerry’s turnaround phone. Here one has a Smartphone that will appeal to the individual, the small business person and a big corporation extremely well.

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