New MacBook Pro’s Expected Middle to Latter Part of October

In this “Techspot” piece they are speculating we are likely to see new MacBook Pro’s arrive in the middle to the latter part of October. It is also possible that more than the MacBook Pro’s would be affected in an upgrading of the line.

MacBook Pro’s are Popular but Due for an Update

The MacBook Pro’s are a very popular device however, they are quite due for an upgrade. It is expected that this will be more than a performance tweak. It is thought they will arrive lighter than the current models yet with all the advanced technology such as their current retina display.

Working on the weight will greatly increase their popularity. It is the lightness of the Air that has that model still working hard for Apple. Apply this to the MacBook Pro’s along with performance enhancementsB, changes to interface elements such as the trackpad and the F keys and a likely winner will be born.

Sierra with New MacBook Pro’s: A Desirable new Machine is Born

Sierra is suffering from next to no criticism yet instead it has been met with enthusiasm. Add new hardware to the mix and especially hardware that sheds a bit of weight and the MacBook Pro’s will be a highly desirable device.

This does suggest that possibly the whole line of MacB0oks could be in the running for updates. If the MacBook Pro becomes too similar to and Air yet with its advanced technology some cannibalization might occur.