macOS Sierra Hits the Street

It’s been quite the week for Apple. The release earlier of IOS 10 to very positive reviews and now the release of macOS Sierra this week. The concentration by Apple on the OS/the software is wise. Apple’s recent operating systems have been of a poor nature. In a nutshell, they have been flaky and difficult to manage unlike earlier OS’s. The glitz of the OS does nothing to prevent the charm of wasting hours trying to wring out little bugs.

Apple is saying as long as you run anything Apple you’ll have no problem with your machine which is the furthest thing from the truth. There is simply no reason that any of today’s modern operating systems can’t run a slew of third part apps as long as they are well built. Add to that, it is the third party developers who have made Apple interesting again.

Renewing the OS

It’s time Apple focus’ on the key thing that makes its computers and mobile devices interesting a productive beasts – the OS. The last two operating systems, Yosemite and El Capitain were supposed to solve this problem. They certainly did not and it is generally considered a fact that these OS’s in particular were a let down. Apple though, continued in a more strident and heightened fashion to berate you using third party apps to get out of their responsibility; the responsibility of honesty, AppleCare and overall being a good corporate citizen.

Hope in a New OS that truly Has a New Name

Apple is a master at Reality Distortion and Tim Cook is the Guru. The new OSs, those being IOS 10 and macOS Sierra, hold the promise of true forward movement. Now though the big question is will there be anything to the Emperor and his clothes.

Personally, I’m hoping for a win here after the years of decline of the Apple Empire. Just when Apple was doing so well under the reign of Steve Jobs’ , Apple was able to slide along on his sleigh but that road has come to an end. Not one new idea since his death or possibly ideas so poorly implemented you have to wonder what could they have been thinking. As an example, to send Eddie Cue in to negotiate a deal for the AppleTV one of Apple’s potential, extremely valuable new revenue streams is beyond belief.

Enough is Enough and a Hope for the Hope

Customers have had enough of this Apple. Dealing with a company based on false reality better known as Reality Distortion is nothing anyone who puts up the kind of money Apple wants should even begin to have to deal with. The arrogance of a company that has grown beyond itself is without room for sympathy. Rather though than thinking this is Apple the employees the buck stops at the top. People are finally becoming aware of where the problem lies. No disease can be cured without getting rid of the source of the disease.