iPhone 7: Preliminary Thoughts

There is much to consider when looking at the iPhone 7. This is far from a revolutionary phone but is evolutionary. The iPhone 7 is really a step taking us to a different future; a move that will move us forward but the iPhone 7, I don’t believe is the device to do that.

Of great significance was the pricing relative to the architecture. You are now getting a very high quality phone at a reasonable price. For many, the iPhone 6s may do it on the pricing front as it is significantly more reasonable for what you’re getting. Although the design is suggestive of the current design, the underlying substructure is being put in place for the iPhone 8.

Evolution Now rather than Revolution Holds the Curtain Call

As the devices continue to get more powerful and take on more duties, the last thing you need, at the same time, is what is referred to as revolution in tech. Our devices are just this side of causing a revolution which can often be viewed as a massive shift in the societal order of things either in a normalized or chaotic fashion. The memory problems people are experiencing probably has more to do with the onslaught of tech than our aging brains.

The concept that we are multi-taskers and which brings with it a better than thou thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. Our brains are designed for focus and often intense focus which leads to survival of the species. Introduce at every level tech, which works to have our brains going in numerous directions, and it’s a no wonder young and old feel time is eclipsing them and their memories are failing. No. The brain is just responding accordingly.

Evolution sees the orderly progress of tech while revolution is exactly what it says; out with the old and in with the new. Therefore, the iPhone 7 is a good device in that it is evolutionary allowing our brains to catch up with that which some see as madness.

The Highly Successful Audio Jack yet it’s time Is Due

The headphone jack has been with us for a long time. To maintain progress, more space needs to be available in our phones. Thus, the new modality for listening to music. Again, rather than a revolution we have someone stepping forward and providing a nice migration path. Your current investments in high quality equipment for listening to music is no more obsolete today than yesterday.

There’s a method for backward compatibility while the move is underway to free up the valuable space held by the jack. Someone had to make the move and who better to do it than Apple, a company known for shaking things up.

Bottom Line

For all intents and purpose, if you have an iPhone 6s you can and should skip this upgrade. The iPhone 7 really is a sound gaming device. The real changes will come in the iPhone 8 after everyone has had time to catch up and settle in. As a gaming device, the iPhone 7 is ideal with its power and architecture.

Those though that are anything but gamers and have a 6s or even an SE should forgo this upgrade for the iPhone 8. You won’t be eclipsed by tech but rather, more or less, right where you should be.

The iPhone 8 will introduce some power wielding improvements in productivity. You’ll save a few dollars on an unnecessary upgrade but more to the point, you’ll be better settled in for the next phase of the tech revolution.

Finally, the tech revolution will proceed at a logical pace rather than an illogical pace as determine by the vendors. Not to take anything away from the vendors, but their core motivation is profit. Profit is both good and bad. Profit, merely for the sake of profit can lead to profound unwanted consequences. Profit though as a motivator to keep society moving forward and serving is healthy.

If you buy a 7 make sure it is for all the right reasons otherwise, in a year, you’ll be buying the 8 and likely juggling (your brain). The world won’t stop because you take a rational breather. Just because Apple might think you need a new iPhone a year, that is a enormous waste of resources if it isn’t necessary. Do yourself a favor and take a break when a break is exactly what is called for.