Sept 7 2016 is Just around the Corner and what does Apple have for Us

Apple september 7 2016 press event

It’s hard to believe it that we’re now in Sept and the summer is waning behind us. However, Apple has announced its presentation date for the fall line up of product it’s going to release. Rather, I should say, this is likely round one of the product release cycle.

It’ about the iPhone

Iphone 7

The rule of thinking is that until Apple actually releases something, it’s all speculation. Yet the Pundits are getting better ever year in their prognostications so let’s assume, for arguments sake, they are likely right for this year. If so, this first phase of the announcements will focus on the iPhone and what surrounds it. Unlike in past years, the iPhone grows more substantive for Apple watchers.

When I say the ‘iPhone grows more substantive for Apple watchers” I’m saying that to observers they are spending more and more time on the iPhone. Apple has many products it deals with but the iPhone consumes more attention than ever. This should concern Apple as the power of expectation is tremendous. As an example, if you go to a movie that is being raved about and you go and feel let down as it wasn’t nearly as exciting as you thought it was going to be. This is referenced as “revolutions of rising expectations”. In reality, if your expectations weren’t set so high you might have thought it to be good.

The same can happen with the iPhone. The backlash for Apple might be very unexpected. Yet, that might be the reality. However, if you’ve got a strong mixed bag portfolio, it won’t be so impacting. Apple has a tremendous portfolio though but it is getting harder to know.

Is Apple like Nero as Rome Burned

Nero as rome burns

Apple seems to be sitting in a strange place for a company doing so well. So far we have expectations; paranoia and as you will see self delusion.

In recent commercials I can’t help to get confused and think they are Microsoft but a parody of that company. In a slew of recent commercials, they are trying to make us think that the iPad Pro is a computer and could replace what we think of as the computer. There’s no question the iPad could do a lot of functions for us but for many it could never replace their fully built out iMac. What I’m doing right now just in terms of writing requires real estate; screen real estate if I expect to write efficiently. The iPad does a lot for me but my computer can do almost anything.

What Apple is doing with the iPad in these commercials is so far from novel I find I feel like I’m in Apple’s altered dimension of reality. Companies have been building keyboards for the iPad since the beginning and Belkin builds one, the one I always use that is exactly the same as the Apple keyboard. Finally, isn’t this what Microsoft has been saying about their Surface Pro since the beginning.

There’s computers and then there’s computers. Apple never distorted reality till recently. This reality distortion is disturbing as one writer wrote if Apple says jump the person responds with how high.

Wait for the iPhone 8

The common rule of thinking about this announcement by the pundits is wait for the iPhone 8. If you have an iPhone 5 or lesser, the iPhone 7 would make a huge difference for you. However, there are rumors that the jack will be gone and if you have any amount invested in headphones you might want to rethink this recommendation. The iPhone 6/s will still have the jack of course and by the eight this change will all be worked out.

People, in ways, seem to be becoming more budget conscious. In the case of Apple, it is wise to consider your decisions carefully and that they are logical as you will not be dropping a small sum of money. Just to mention, the iPhone SE, though a smaller phone, is as powerful or more so that anything Apple has out there at a far more reasonable price. This could be a carry through option watching the pocket book and waiting for a good iPhone priced while the fiddler isn’t fiddling.

The Reaction to this Presentation will be Very Important

As long as this presentation doesn’t come at the cost of logic it will be a useful step as we move forward. Progress sometimes comes at a cost. There are times when it’s important to collect your thoughts and take a step back from the drawing board. The iPhone 7 can be considered successful even if it is very similar to a 6/s. However, if people have a 6/s and run out to buy something should it be very similar. Not likely as reality distortionwill win out again at the cost of your pocket book.

Waiting for Godot

Black iphone 7

People who are very excited by technology, often feel like they’re waiting for Godot as in “Samuel Beckett‘s” famous play. The reality is this is far from what is happening but it likely causes undo pressures on the vendor’s , such as Apple, to ensure you’re not waiting for Godot.

Is there anything wrong with your device if you have an iPhone 6/s. Hopefully the presentation will be honest and not reality distortion. The iPhone 7 will be fine but it won’t be for everyone. There’s simply nothing wrong in that. A more impressive iPhone 8 will be another story but that day remains in the future. Stay in the present or as some say the moment. You’ll be glad you did. You won’t be a victim of reality distortion. You’ll be the one calling the shots.


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