Apple Under Fire

When Woz, the cofounder of Apple with Steve Jobs, criticizes the company he founded with Jobs, Apple has become one of many things that leads to what can only be viewed as Self Indulgence. Some of these things would be:


  • too big for its britches
  • Pushing people around
  • Brainwashing through sophisticated ads



  • Just turn on the TV to watch very expensive and almost believable Apple ads


Money and Time Lost in this ….

Wheel barrel full of money


  • lock in by creating what it hopes will be a defacto standard and then an IEEE standard



  • Employees believe in their companies rhetoric
  • Rhetoric
  • The failure of a technology becoming any kind of standard costing the consumer money
  • Wasted time correcting the mess of the what was to be a standard and converting to the real standard



  • Examples:



  • Thunderbolt
  • Lightening
  • And on it goes as we move to the real standards
  • USB 3.0
  • USB C


When Apple gets so far out there it and actually starts fooling with an integral standard before the world is ready for such fooling, it gets even former founder Woz upset.

Saw this Before with Microsoft

Microsoft has certainly been in this position to the point they could barely do anything without getting fined. They were touting Windows as B all and end all only to finally put in place a fellow that brought Sanity back to that company.

What’s happening at Apple wouldn’t be beyond Steve Jobs but I think Tim Cook is in way over his head. This frequently happens to a non technical leader. It’s the ability of a company to recognize this before it goes too far.

Apple had John Scully, who was taking them down far too many rat holes. Salvation for Apple arrived the day Steve Jobs returned to Apple. Through a discipline he learned in his years away from Apple, he quickly set about re-inventing the company and getting it on a track we all loved.

Is Apple moving down that path once again with Cook, its current CEO. When Cook was appointed temporary CEO Jobs definitely saw himself returning to the company. Faced with your mortality, it is a challenging scenario putting together a framework potentially not intended for that reality. Yet, reality has happened and for many of us the loss of Steve Jobs went well beyond his genius and charisma to a person you just genuinely liked.

Woz Decries Apple’s Headphone Jack Insanity

In this article “Woz Laments No Headphone Jack on iPhone 7, Sees USB-C as Future of Audio”.

I’ll leave it at this as you read the article on Woz. You will find the internet though littered with articles that are viewing the iPhone 7, as I’m almost certain, Apple was wishing it wasn’t going to happen.

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