BlackBerry Announces its Second Android Phone which Just Might do the Trick


BlackBerry just released its second Android Smartphone, the DTEK50, an all touch screen device which is significantly cheaper than is the PRIV and which BlackBerry hopes will sell well. Based on its price and specs it should do very well.

Its Edge: High Security, Integrated Hub with Leading Edge Tech

Blackberry is, rightly so, discouraged by the handset market. They have been doing very poorly in this market for quite some time. However, they have identified two specific problems with their past endeavors that they hope will be corrected this time and will make a difference. They are:

  • The price of BlackBerry’s first Android phone, the Priv, was way too expensive and
  • the issue of the importance around security was not clearly spelled out for the market.

DTEK50‘s Price seems Spot On

BlackBerry appears to have done a good job with the feature set relative to price. In fact, the price would seem very aggressive relative to the capability of the unit. This is an affordable unit, at $299 USD, with advanced, current technology. Add to that all the security the unit comes with, the integrated hub, predict then flick the text and other things to speed up your interaction with the unit and it would appear that, from all angles, this is a winner.

BlackBerry‘s one Problem


At one time, the BlackBerry name was synonymous with the best you could have in mobile technology. Now, it’s image is tarnished with missteps, late to door products that many analysts have felt left behind them far behind the others. The question is, can they shake this image.

To do that, they have gone all out to ensure their device is not only leading edge as an Android device, they have loaded it with the kind of advanced technology that many feel is necessary in mobile.

As an example, security of the mobile device has become one of the greatest concerns. It is fairly well accepted that the bad guys now want your money and to get it they are coming through the mobile which is known to be far less secure than desktop or laptop units. BlackBerry, to counter this, has implemented rock solid security in their unit to ensure the bad guys stay out.

If they didn’t have everything else going for them with this unit, this probably wouldn’t be enough but they’ve got a state of the art mobile device, which looks good and is loaded with security at a lesser price than their Android cousins. It‘s hard to wonder what not to like about the DTEK50. A well priced, state of the art device loaded with security maybe exactly the formula BlackBerry needs to break out of its doldrums.

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