AppleTV Negotiator might have blown Apple’s Ace up it’s Sleeve


Apple is in need of broadening it’s solutions approach. There is much to indicate that the phone market and specifically the Smartphone market is soft. Apple, according to this article, approached suppliers of content far too aggressively and turned them off. Unfortunately for Apple, although they have some great content, they could use more and they were going to do it in a very reasonable, bundled approach.

Apple is at least on the right Path

The right path

Although it is somewhat concerning the approach Apple used which alienated content providers, they are, finally on the right path. It is Apple’s time to pull it’s ace out of it’s sleeve.

They have two products in the chain that will be likely be winners however, Apple has only begun to do its best. They are:

  • AppleTV
  • Apple Pay or Wallet

These two products and what they do represent the way of the future. Apple almost has not seen this but it represents a threat to the old school of providing content. A hardline approach towards those that are already seemingly threatened is counter-intuitive.

The Days of the Cloud are Maturing Fast

Only a short while ago, cloud computing seemed like a distant reality although it was being done in labs everywhere. Now we take services delivered by the cloud as normal and we have no reticence in buying the services. In fact, many people might not even realize what this is.

Apple is in an ideal position to leverage cloud services extremely well opening new channels of opportunity. Both AppleTV, which will revolutionize how we watch content being it a movie or TV series, is with us now. It just needs to mature.

Apple pay is at the front end of a revolution around the way we handle money. Gone would be the cash transactions we have used for a very long time. All this is doable now, however, we just need the resolve to step forward and leverage these capabilities. Both services will add to the quality of our lives. We just have to wait for Apple to get it right.

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