Quick Web a Specialized Little Tool to Get a Specific Job Done Fast

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When rummaging through the web, often there is something we’re not sure whether we want to keep but we would potentially like to come back to it. We could use our history or bookmarks for this, but our history can become overflowing fast and a bookmark can do the trick but if we forget to clear them out they quickly become a cluttered jungle. Although there are approaches that might be better than this, non are this fast or manageable.

Enter Quick Web

Quick Web is a small utility designed specifically to allow you to keep certain URL’s and come back to them when the moment is right. There are two approaches to this. The first is a quickeys approach but I find for something not intended to be around for a while, you’re stretching your memory for nothing. In this method, you grab the URL you’re interested in and jump back to it when you’re ready.

The second is more of a list a approach is which you capture the URL, point your mouse at the app icon, right click and you get a list of saved URL’s.

After quickly having re-visited the web site, it is probably wise to clear up the URL’s that are no longer needed. This keeps everything clean and efficient.

Numerous Benefits to such a simple App

There are numerous benefits to such a simple app but the most important is that you reduce the likelihood of your memory failing you on something important. Therefore, the result can run anywhere from time savings to actually making good use of the page.

All this is done with just a very simple app that won’t cause your bookmarks to get unwieldy with websites that aren’t necessary stored long term. There are many little examples of apps that do exactly this; bring a specific function of utility to your work. Such tools shouldn’t be ignored as in them can be substantial benefit that is very inexpensive to deploy with often high value.

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