iPhone 7 to make its Debut Sept 16 likely to a Thud

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It’s been confirmed that the iPhone 7 will make it’s debut Friday Sept. 16 2016. It is not considered to be much more than the current iPhone 6 but rather it is just viewed as an incremental upgrade.

Audio Jack to be Retired

It is expected that the audio jack will cease to exist in the new model. If you want one, you will have to get an adapter that will work off the main power input line soon to also be the audio output. This will allow the phone to be thinner than what it currently is.

Many people have invested in extra headphones at quite the cost that use the current audio jack. As an example, a typical Bose set of headphones runs anywhere from $129 to $149 and up.

A Lukewarm Reception

Not many people have any intention of upgrading. Only 8% are very likely to upgrade and 17% are likely to upgrade. The new phone will not have an Amoled display but the iPhone 8 is expected to have such a display.

Apple’s Marketing Strategy

Apple will have to move their marketing emphasis away from the iPhone to the hot selling products if they wish to maintain a healthy cash flow. Their phones are expensive and the trend is towards cross platform. Android phones fit nicely into the Mac environment and a lot of Apple only has been and is being ported too Android.

Added to this, Samsung and the others aren’t sitting still. They are moving fast to stay ahead of the curve and Apple. The market is embracing cross platform. It will be interesting what Apple charges for the iPhone 7 but if it’s anything like the 6s they will be driving the consumer to the competion.

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