Apple is heading towards a 3 Year Design Schedule

iMore is reporting that Apple is heading towards a three year design schedule from the current 2 year one for the iPhone. In many ways, this makes a lot of sense. The days of constantly rotating out our phones for the newer, flashier ones are reportedly behind us.

Function being Held Back by the Backend

There are of course more things that could be done to a smartphone; none of them earth shattering though but the problem is at the backend. You can put all these gizmos and doodads into the front end to wow us but a half hour later the phone will be dead as the batteries just currently cannot support this.

We all want good battery life. I would say, more of us want our phones to last a decent length of time than to have more, possibly useless features sent our way. The Smartphones presently have about as much or far more than we need. This has put a huge strain on battery makers to provide more but they’re tapped out.

Until the Resolution of the Battery Problem

We’re unlikely to see anything major in our phones to come as this would completely kill battery life which is on overdrive. Look at the number of phone models we tune (primarily Android) to power us through a day. And it is the day of use we want. Even with quick charge, we’d still like our phones to perform for a day.

So, mcxc manufacturers could get utterly ridiculous and provide the at which can’t be realistically supported or put a cap on it. The way to go now is to put a cap on it and it is more socially responsible anyway.

Let Us Use the Power we Have without Pushing more down Our Throats

We need to actually get good at using the power we have than having more thrown at us to learn. Smartphones as they stand are already incredibly powerful. There’s much we can do with our devices given the time to learn them well. More features is simply bloatware at this point.

Possibly in a few years, if strides are made to the batteries and software actually functions very logically, we might start adding substantive stuff to our devices. However, for now, a longer cycle period for the release of a new model of phone will save us money and allow us to get really good at using what we have while saving us a few dollars.

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