Notebook is Gone but Notetaker is an Apt Replacement

There are so many Note applications it’s a little bewildering. It’s hard though not to like Evernote, it’s cross platform capability and its flexibility. However, I used Circus Ponies Notebook extensively to elaborate or structure my documents. It had one of the best outlining facilities and if I was really stuck writing something, starting by outlining definitely helped. If I knew what I wanted to write it was an amazing product to structure your document. It came from Next with Steve Job’s and it was a quality product.


Just when things were looking a bit dismal on the note taking or document structuring front, a long came Notetaker. It seems to work very similarly to Notebook but has some nice refinements and polish that just simply improve on this metaphor.

Outline the structure of your document, add some text, images etc into the document to fill it out and then start writing. Notice that this process helps you break through writers block. For some, they don’t take the time to structure their documents but if you do, the results of a well thought out and rounded document can’t be missed.

An Outliner Notebook should be part of any Writer’s Fair

Writers, no matter how good they are, can benefit from an outliner style of notebook. Even if it’s just to jot down snippets of information, the information might have dependencies that will reveal themselves in the outline. A place just to put snippets of related information is very valuable. To be able to structure that information for a final written document is a definite plus.

Notetaker is definitely an editor’s choice for software.

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