Focus GTD; An Android third Party App to bring Omnifocus Functionality to Android

Cross platform functionality or the ability of software to run on more than one OS platform and sync with another is slowly gathering steam. The products that do this best are the manufacturers products. They know their stuff and they just need to make sure the key of what that is plays out identically on the different OS’s they might have chosen for such an endeavor.

However, some third party software companies are filling the gap that the primary app vendor is leaving out for one reason or another. It is thus getting more and more likely that a software product will be true lock in to a platform.

Focus GTD

Focus GTD is just such a third party app that will bring most Omnifocus functionality to Android. It is as simple to load this app as it is any Android app. The app is produced by Rainer Burgstaller and is very reasonable at of $5.52 USD.

If you’re a committed Omnifocus fan, but want to use Android, this will allow you to do that. In your analysis though you really should be figuring out the value of sticking with either one or the other platform. If you’re determined to be a new Android user but don’t want to give up on Omnifocus this might be your best choice. In fact, as one user put it in the Focus GTD Forum:

Fantastic work Rainer with last up a couple of weeks ago the sync is working perfectly. Well don! I hope you keep
a good relationship with the folks from omni group as this the best solution for android devices. BTW I’m using this on the blackberry Z30 and it works great.


I make this information available as the path to wise decisions are good knowledge. There are other great cross platform GTD solutions that might suit you better but it’s good to know your options and giving up on Omnifocus might not be one.

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