News Break: Three sites to work Together

At Tech Now: the Group, three sites have been staged to bring you current information on Mac technology and technology in general. In an effort to streamline this so the sites present a similar style of information, three sites have now been fully launched however, these sites are integrated to the degree to which they need to be integrated.

The Sites

The three sites are:

  • The New Mac View ( a site designed to integrate, control and bring you information in shorter chunks yet also information that might be more controversial
  • The Daily Mac View ( the backbone of the Mac sites bringing you in depth, high level articles of a length created so that they don’t overwhelm.
  • Tech Today Review ( designed in a similar vein as the Daily Mac View but intended to deal with all technologies in general and not Mac technologies specifically

The design templates for all three sites are similar in nature. The thing that distinguishes the sites is both the name and the color of the title.


Links between sites of interrelated information are basically transparent. Clicking on a link between a site moves you as fast as that of clicking on one of the links that exist within a site.

Our hope is that these sites will grow to bring you a substantive set of relevant information on our current state of the nation regarding technology. The one thing to bear in mind is that tech changes fast and what was said only a while ago might change in a very short time.

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