Apple’s Share value drops dramatically

Apple may be in sore need of some new leadership that understands technology. Their constant churn of everything Steve Jobs created has brought their growth not only to a screeching halt but to a sudden 7% decline. This was very foreseeable though as Apple soaked the world with high priced phones that were considered insane price wise. Add to that, the constant churn of an iconic device rather than adding new value and the results are to be expected.

Product Line has merits but it’s All Steve Jobs

Apple has other, good products in their product line that have not received the attention they deserve as they look for that simple, golden spoon in the iPhone. Their AppleTV has the potential to revolutionize the TV industry and their computers are still by far the best. Not leveraging these items properly all in the namesake of the iPhone was foolhardy.


Add to the above Apple’s very strong services portfolio of books, movies, apps etc and there is large revenue streams that are constantly growing. Further, there has been a need for new product not created yet as that is what Apple is famous for. Everything good in the Apple pipe is and remains Steve Jobs churned to death. This is not what Apple is famous for.

It Takes a World Class Tech Leader

To pull off what Apple needs to do takes a world class tech leader. Tim Cook is not that. He was good at moving goods from shore A to B. However, anything that he has introduced during his period has been less than stellar. The Mac Pro is a good case in point.

When you produce a machine like the Mac Pro at the price Apple is charging it has to be outstanding. This was not an outstanding machine and comes with very little to push it including the sales reps.

Apple now needs to re-hone itself. It would likely do better, as Microsoft has done, with someone who really gets tech. Apple’s days ahead should be interesting but they will be all the more interesting, not if they give up on Steve Job’s genius, but emulate it rather than churn what he did to death.

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