The Face of the New AppleTV Begins to Reveal Itself

The new AppleTV was launched this year. What it offered though over the previous one needed time to percolate though as this was a major upgrade to an already popular device.

Cord cutting or giving up ones cable TV is beginning to take on new proportions and with time and the reality of the devices capability, Apple’s genius and a desire for a new experience in watching TV, the device will likely be a great success.

Ads and their Value

Apple just released the second of two ads they have for the AppleTV. Although many are not knocked out by ads, in this case, they are helping people understand what makes this device so powerful. It is powerful in terms of hardware, software and capabilities. Further, many entertainment resources are being brought on board a long with apps developers, leading to a very high yield device. This device has so much value for the investment, it will be hard to resist.

Second Ad in Series

The second ad for the new AppleTV has been released in a highly relatable way. This is the beginning of a new era in TV where you, the user, is ultimately in control. Let’s look at this ad just to get a small sampling of the feel of the power of the fourth generation unit.

Second Ad

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