More Important to Consider Sound Backups and Antiviral Software

2016 03 11 14 02 30
From Steve Dotto comes word of a new, insidious virus that holds your computer for Ransome. As opposed to the virus’ of old which just wreaked havoc, new virus’ are looking for money.

This virus attacks your Mac by controlling access to your Data files. For a Bitcoin, they will give you the code to remove the virus allowing you once again access to you computer’s data.

The Benfits of Backup have been thoroughly extolled

Anyone not backing up today, with the variety of backup tools available today, is really gambling on far too many fronts. A backup can get around this virus by restoring a backup prior to the heist.

There are so many other reasons for backup I won’t even begin to take on the task of presenting them. Just know, you will be able to sleep more easily at night knowing you have this protection.

I Don’t see AV Software as optional Any Longer

Gone are the days we Mac users could have done without AV software. The number of daily attacks I think would surprise you and it’s only just beginning.

In Combination You Certainly are Safer

It takes too much effort to pull together a good document outlining a theory, proposition, explanation etc to have it exposed to the maliciousness of some viral attack on the internet. Further, with this thrust towards getting money, it is like having your house burglarized. People report they never feel the same afterwards.

For the little effort it takes to put in a backup and AV strategy it is well worth it as even if it fails the first time it’ll likely work the second time as you get accustomed to the good use of these tools. There is lots to choose from so don’t take a chance. It can be very little affecting where it comes to your data and the effort required to implement a strategy but the results are definitely greater than the sum of their parts.

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