The iPhone 7 is Getting Ready to come knocking at your Door

Iphone 7 mockup

Many of us get all excited when word of a new iPhone is about to hit the street. I was one of them. However, when the iPhone 6 and 6s came along I found myself having sticker shock so much so that I tried an Android as challenging as those devices can be. However, I decided to return to the iPhone for various reasons, one of those being the way the iPhone handles apps. Plus, I am so familiar with it there is no learning curve to speak of.

Sticker Shock somehow be gone!!!

Iphone 7 s making debut
There though is no doubt that we are faced with a new devil that being sticker shock. How is this to be managed. Probably one of the most effective ways is to go through two iterations of a phone before buying. So you buy at the 6 and wait for the 7 forgetting the 6s. It’s forgettable anyway. This cuts your overall costs by half of the new sticker shock value. You do need to know what your buying habits were and probably extend that x 2.

I’m sure there are other techniques one in which the techniques might be more palpable. Regardless, the iPhone 7 is coming and soon. What will happen to my theory as it looks like a nice phone. However, really how much better is it than the 6s.

iPhone 7 Onslaught

IPhone 7

One can expect at the launch of the iPhone 7 a strong onslaught by Apple. This is logical as the iPhone is bringing in so much of Apple’s new online revenue.

It is rumored, quite soundly, that the iPhone 7 will likely make it’s debut in Sept of this year. That isn’t actually very far away. What will happen to the weak amongst us that will be biting our nails to buy the device even though we have just acquired the iPhone 6s.

It’s hard to say. Some of us may be cash strapped and this would be the tipping point in which we’d be putting ourselves in severe debt for one of Apple’s new, shiny devices. However, many of us buy regardless of whether we have the money or not.

Our strategy falls into the sink. Yet, there will be some strong enough to follow the strategy and not throw a perfectly good device out just to get the newest.

iPhone 7 Rumour Mill for features

Rather than me writing a long document outlining the feature set you can expect to see in the iPhone 7 I’ll reference you to a very good article on the subject. Actually, there are a number of good articles now and they are beginning to lineup. If you type into your search bar “iPhone 7 rumors” you will get a slew of articles.

This article though I found to be very good is titled “iPhone 7 Rumours DETAILED: Specs, Hardware & Release Date.” It touches on a variety of areas around the new phone including what is generally considered to be the announcement/release date which seems to be slated for Sept 2016.

Your Thoughts?

I’d be very interested in your thoughts on the article. Is this a complete non-starter for you; to control sticker shock does it make sense to go two generations before getting the next phone; or do you have a better idea of how to manage this. Use the feedback section following the article to give me an idea of what you think.

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