Google Possibly to take Control of Android

Henry Casey suggested in an article on Google and Android that Google appears to be positioning itself to take over Android. This is not the first of this kind of observation nor will it be the last. There are a lot of very good reasons for this to happen which will inevetibly be a good thing for the consumer.

Android updates Lag due to the Openness of the Curret Model

It is not surprising to hear, after only a couple of months after release, that an Apple OS has been updated on a large majority of machines while the Android OS might only have reached 2%. It is thought the problem is not inherent in the Android OS itself but in all the vendors busily building custom versions of the software. As a result, it becomes difficult to have mass rollouts based on all these iterations of the OS.

Google to the Rescue

Although vendors might not initially appreciate such a Google initiative, as ever Android delived say on an HTC and Samsung would look the same, they would come to embrace it as now they can play the same ballgame Apple is playing; fast rollouts of an updated OS.

The other benefit to all is the consumer is paying the price of this folly. They was access to the updates quickly and it doesn’t happen. This puts their devices in a vulnerable wake for virus’, the device lacks the latest, probably coolest and fastest iteration of the OS and app design simplicity.

Consolidation Likely

During what we can call the first era of the Android system, we saw something very positive quickly elaborated upon by vendors and others to end up with chaos. However, computing is becoming such a mobile oriented thing, things such as the iphone and Android can only continue to develop yet were Android to continue along this relatively uncontrolled past it would have hard time fitting into the future architectures. The most significant movement currently is cross platform development.

A team member might have an Android and another an iPhone. In a cross platform world, both would be equally able to sit at the table. This trend is picking up speed and the Android player would be at a disadvantage eventually if he could not keep his device current.

Thus, it is likely Google will take control of the system which will benefit everyone. There will no longer be the problem that Android is difficult to write for or the OS is too easily impregnated by a virus. Cross platform can become a vibrant mentality as you can choose you platform of choice yet still play on the team.