A Lot of Relevant Concern Around Apple

Of late, Apple’s stock has been plummeting. It wasn’t long ago it was rising at an incredible pace. However, now that Christmas is over, more eyes are on Apple. Apple has been riding the iPhone wave for quite some time and although it won’t disappear it can’t power alone a company the size of Apple. Innovation has always been Apple’s forte since Jobs took over but then passed away far too soon. Yet, the need for innovation hasn’t left.

Tim Cook: A Questionable History of Product Introductions

Although Apple has introduced some products under Tim Cook, two have been duds and the other two the potential is yet to pay off. The two duds are:

  • the Apple Watch
  • The Mac Pro often referred to as the trash can

The two yet to pay off are the:

  • AppleTV
  • Apple Pay

Apple though needs more in the pipe.

The Question is being Asked if it’s Time For Tim Cook to Go

Numerous people are now asking if it is time for Tim Cook to call it a day. Many are calling for his resignation. This question is being asked by reputable organizations honestly concerned about the direction Apple is taking. With Steve Jobs gone, who many feel it would be hard for anyone to measure up to him, Apple is just another company like any company.

The magical allure Steve Jobs brought to Apple has all but basically dissipated. Tim Cook will now be measured like any CEO. His challenge is to get interesting products, that will capture people’s attention, into the pipe.

Existing and the New can all Count

Tim Cook could draw fire back to Apple with both the existing products and the new. However, if he is to do it with the existing, he really needs to do something that can be measured in both it’s capabilities and what it can do for the user and quality.

One problem he quickly had with the new Mac Pro, which all but seems to have disappeared, is it took on the misnomer of “trash can”. This could have been more than it was positioned for. It had the power of a world class machine but the quality of the device didn’t measure up nor did its positioning.

One thing many feel Apple needs to do is open up its capabilities to the world. There is only a lot to gain as Apple could easily have been a leader. One device that was perfectly geared for such an endeavour was the Mac Pro. You need powerful machinery to control the likes of an open environment and the Mac Pro could have been everything needed to do this. However, we’ve seen what happened with this product. It can be summed up by saying where is it.

Apples Fortunes Rest still with Innovation but of a different Nature

As Microsoft’s CEO has changed the course of the company dramatically and really opened it to the world, the company has enjoyed a reboud of sorts. People want to see if this is real and if it is there will be buy in.

Apple needs to think along new lines and although it’s closed model has brought some tremendous technology into the household and the world, it’s fortunes now rest upon a new positioning, one which would be open.

Cross platform is the way of the future. Not everyone will use an IOS device or a Mac computer although there is tremendous room for growth on these fronts and people are looking more and more to do their work in an open environment that supports cross platform.

Whether Tim Cook survives will likely rest with his capability to take something like a Mac Pro and have it called something tremendously different. The ability to traverse these waters takes the technical acumen of someone like a Steve Jobs.

Can Tim Cook measure up to the challenges ahead. It’s likely we’ll know sooner than later as things are happening fast. The industry has never stood still but it seems to be in hyper drive at the moment. The test of his capabilities is not only to ensure these capabilities are out there people want them out there now.