Part 1 – Video GTD Calendaring Systems and You test

Part 1 Video GTD – Calendaring Systems

In this two part Video series, I first take a look at productivity or specifically productivity accomplished via the means of GTD (the model), as two distinct parts that make up the whole. In the first part, the calendaring system, I look at what is referred to as the hard foundation of the system, that being the calendar, from a GTD perspective.

When I refer to the hard part, I am really referring to that part of the system that is more immutable. If we make an appointment for something, that item is generally entered in a calendar and is fairly well ahdered to except in the case of something important that might come up and thus require an adjustment. Otherwise, sticking to the schedule is fairly essential. So we can say that the due date is hard or it is at a specific time and place as opposed to that which we find in task management where the due date might have to give.

However, the interrelationship of the two can’t be ignored. To make the appointment may require actions in your task management system that allow this hard due date. The simpler the actions, the more easily it is to adhere to the due date and on it goes.

Productivity is more than just making a due date and setting out a plan or set of tasks to ahere to to ensure the due date is met. Productivity can only be measured relative to something and that something is what was the output in the previous, same period relative to this period. If the output has increased, we say one is more productive. The faster or more efficiently this process occurs, the greater we can say our productivity is as it is likely the outputs have increased.

The more we can be done in a shorter time frame, the more time we have for other things. Those things could be work, education or just taking a break. Productivity is thus one’s output relative to the same period previously.

If at the end of a year, we were able to accomplish 10 items as a result of our system whereas without the system we could have only done 7 items, we may or may not have productivity. If the year before we accomplished, all things being equal 5, then the 7 is some productivity but the 10 is substantial.

To be clear, as long as we’re following some kind of system there is likely to be increasing productivity unless we have made our system too complex or Godlike. The system has to ebb and wane as does life otherwise it will be your curse.

The First Video – Calendaring

I divided this project, if you will, into two parts simply to make the experience easier to absorb. Initially, I was thinking of playing all this as one big video and quickly realized this could be quite uncomfortable. As such, followed by this video is the one that is on Task Management and GTD. Feel free to let me know what you think of the process.
It is through this kind of exchange, I can taylor future videos so that they are informative and enjoyable to watch. There are times when watching something is simply more pleasant an experience and I can relate information in just a slightly different manner which, when combined with text, makes for a good combination.
Thus, I do hope you enjoy the content of the first video to be followed by one on task management.

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