When the Tide Turns

Tidal movement

Tidal symbiosis is a natural process based on three powers constantantly merging and interacting producing generally straightforward tidal flows. The tide causes the shoreline to rise at one point in the day and recede at another. It’s an awesome event to behold.

As I look at Apple these days, I see a company potentially realigning to something that might be best compared to that of the ebes and flows of a great tide. It’s hard not to see the beauty but one must always be respectful to this great power.

Further, where there is such great power, there are risks. Something could easily go wrong and that is what I’d like to do today; evaluate if the tide is changing

Apple Was …


Under Steve Jobs there is little question that what emerged from Apple was brilliant. From the beginnings of the company till his death, the unearthliness of the products defined more than one generation.

Jobs Departure and Return

Jobs left Apple in the mid eighties and came back in the late 90s we could almost say as the tide moves. Apple, in 97, was in serious trouble. It’s collapse was averted and for brevities sake I will simply say Steve Jobs accomplished this. The tide came in and went out without casualties.

Analysts were concerned and Foresaw the Potential Collapse of Apple without Jobs

The time of the tide is upon us again with respect to Apple. It’s uncanny how close analysts were with their projections around time-frames.

Apple has produced next to nothing new of value since Jobs’ untimely departure. One could say that the Mac Pro was a new product but what kind of product did this turn out to be. An awfully expensive trash can as it has been nicknamed.

One would certainly want to include the Apple watch in this category but who wants it. A glance at the section in the Apple store shows very few people displaying interest. If one were to go by a very informal study of one’s friends, if yours are like mine, you come up with a pretty empty hand. And finally, Apple is not releasing any numbers,

What You Know and Love has Jobs written all over It

Those who would pooh pooh history live in a world dismisses the obvious. The little boy in the movie “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine” had it right. Everything we have, know and love is Steve Jobs.

So what’s to become of Apple. Does Apple try the way they used to. One question to be asked is whether Apple is Apple. Not really. The title of that movie is extremely telling. Steve Jobs was Apple and the reverse was true. The symbiosis can be denied but the truth is obvious.

Truth Always Trumps

Is this the award winning company, loved by many that Steve Jobs built. This will be the major question moving forward and there is evidence to suggest things have changed. Consider if you will:

  • The Mac Pro
  • the Applewatch
  • the gimmicky iPhone
  • employee attitude to customers
  • the new iPhone 6s with all the trimmings but things like Applecare are recommended is $1500 Canadian almost but not quite something which is totally obscene

When a company becomes just a money hungry entity as say the Applewatch inspires (let’s have a useless category to rake in the coal) is just this side of such corporate ill will they should be prosecuted.

Cross Platform the Salvation

What will save the consumer from this charade is cross platform. You will be able to choose your device of choice at a cost you can afford.

Android might have fundamental problems but they have tons of competition which keeps their devices cost effective.

The Tide is Turning

Turning tide

The tide is now turning. Things are realigning as they should and as long as truth trumps there is hope out of this. The stronghold created by the Apple that isn’t Steve Jobs Apple will be revealed for what it is.

Steve Jobs was painted as a mean man in “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine” but he delivered true value. Productivity and not gimmicks was the rule of the day. Corporate irresponsibility compared to good corporate value is so easily seen through such things as being a pure money grubbing company.

The tide is receding but this time it has done some damage that hopefully will be seen.


  • Peter says:

    Good article. Does this mean I should sell me Apple stock?

    • Kerry Dawson says:

      Interesting question. This is of course a very personal decision. I would think that just because dynamics are changing in relation to is the question and is there anyone to go to that would fill the bill as an investment opportunity.

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