Awayfind is Closing its Doors

After a number of years of service, having opened its doors in 2008, Awayfind is closing them now. It will be finished at the end of September letting things just naturally unwind.

Unique Email Enhancement Service

Awayfind was setup to deal with our ever increasing mail problem. Deluged by mail, they provided a service in which you could have only the very important mail sent to you. In settings, you would choose who’s mail and what kind of mail, would alert you what you considered the most important email. Thus, instead of having to go into your mailbox frequently and tracking down amongst a deluge of mail the important item you would know there is an important mail item worth your time.

Competition in the Space

It was not only just Awayfind that recognized the problem with email, other players also saw the problem and the benefit of tackling it. Thus, competitors began rising up on all fronts.

There are alternatives to choose from and Awayfind is recommending a few options. Sanebox is one such alternative but it isn’t an Awayfind. It more or less filters mail away from the inbox.


It’s unfortunate when the competition causes us to loose a useful service. Although somethings seemed replicable on the handset, they aren’t fully. The unique tone, that was only Awayfind’s, always got me a running!

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