The iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6s: Some Reasoning other than money might Factor in Here

I write this review only from a position to think about whether to buy the iphone 6 or the 6s. Immediately, one might think they at least would save $100 if they buy the 6 but this is far from the reason to consider which one to buy. In reality, when you look at the price of the unit, $100 really is nothing in the equation.

The 6s is New, “Untested,” technology It Is

When they presented the 6s as brand new technology, top to bottom, they weren’t kidding. In the Yodish type statement above, the refrain is to get you to think about that.
In the new design there is a lot of new, there can be no question of that and a lot that can fail. There is plenty of mechanical pieces that make the device do it’s dance routine. The more mechanical pieces you throw into something, the greater are the chances of failure.

The Points of Failure are top To Bottom

If one had to say, what is a key point of failure that would be difficult. The whole thing has been redesigned so the whole thing is likely a key point of failure.

It is for this reason one might want to reflect on a purchase decision. The 6 is well field tested. The 6s is not. In fact, it’s not at all except for a couple of people that had to slink it out of their pockets to use it. That some people at Foxconn have actually committed suicide to keep this stuff “a secret” is so incredibly unfortunate as there really isn’t anything there anymore that is worth keeping a secret. Everyone is now doing the same thing as that is the nature of technology. Yet, even if all this fancy tech was worth keeping a secret, is it worth someone’s life. I doubt it.

It May Be the Nicest Smartphone Ever

On the other hand, this might be the nicest Smartphone we’ve ever had. This article was in no way meant to sway a decision one way or the other. It was merely intended to bring out the real aspect of why you might want to think of the unit against that which has proven tried and true.

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