The iPhone 6s Sounds as if it will Get off to a Resounding Start

Should do Well





The Apple iPhone 6s appears to be a stunning addtion to the iPhone line with an interesting array of advanced features. The features are in direct correlation to the capabilities Apple has at its disposal. Technology has advanced far enough to allow these advanced functions in thin devices however as I point out there’s a lot of gimmickry to what we see with the iPhone. That won’t prevent it from going over well but then the question remains “Should It?”



Touch Force





One of the biggest capabilities at our disposal with the new phone will be Touch Force. Depending how you touch an area/s invokes the antecedant process. This might be valuable in a curtailed situation but what if the situation is everywhere.



The A9 Processor a Force to Be Reckoned with



Once again, when we think our phones are as powerful as they can be they are outdone again by themselves no less. The A series processors are Apple’s and they put other processors, no matter how adroit, to shame. These are powerful units.



The benefit to use for users is that which is enabled by the phone. Again, I worry that the processor power is being wasted on nonsense. Let’s have one more pop and just a little more sizzle and we should be good to go.



The reality is today’s applications do require power and the phone is no less important. Applications will tend to take all the resources of the computer and the more resources, the happier we are with performance as end users. The iphone is no less an exception.



Good Design Means Resources are allocated Effectively





The concern some have with the iPhone is how resources have been allocated. It would appear effectively. Time, will of course, answer this question.



In the article [“iPhone 6s: Will Sales Fall Short Of Expectations?”](”>”iPhone 6s: Will Sales Fall Short Of Expectations?”) the author suggests Apple has one long, hard road to troll.



I would add that a device, conceived without the visionary prowess Steve Jobs brought to the table has a longer, harder and substantive hill even a hill than that which other devices have seen. As long as the Steve Jobs halo lingers, so too does that marketing acumen.

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