The Dangers of the iPhone 6s and Gimmickry

As I do every year, I was looking forward to the introduction iphone 6s. I went with a Blackberry z30 when the iPhone 6 came out as I needed something that would not glue me to the phone yet let me know when something had come in. At this point, I would just look at the hub and decide if it needed my attention and if it did not I’d continue writing. I found the iPhone 6 boring and resisted the marketing allure.

Marketing was in full Gear

This year, Apple’s marketing engine was in full gear but the presenters seemed to lack their normal enthusiasm. As I watched the unveiling of the 6s I couldn’t help but think how does this improve my productivity. It seems loaded with gimmicks all meant to make it very appealing to use. A smartphone should be appealing to use to get things done but not with the application of gimmicks to make sure it is wanted and used.

Recent Studies on Addiction

In recent studies on addiction, researchers are beginning to find serious flaws in our use of technology that has psychological and sociological implications. Technology tends to be isolating rather than truly increasing our connections. The more we use technology, especially the smartphone, the more isolated we are. Finally, studies on isolation indicate it plays a major role in addictions and we are becoming a greater and greater isolated society.

I wondered about the iPhone 6s with all its popping here and there and thought young people would find this fascinating. In fact, it would be more compelling to use than ever due to the popping. Ergo, loneliness is on the rise and we know this and might this not even enhance this trend. Most likely.

The Dangers in What looks Cool Today

Studies into the effects of social networking are increasing day by day as this ever increasing phenomenon is having heavy effects on the economy. As depression increases, so too does the loss of productivity due to employee absenteism from the job. Might not people be checking out based on the coolness factors of their Smartphones.

The Coolness Factor Might be Directly Correlated with the Checkout Factor

Social researchers and psychologists are now speaking up, fearing not Apple any longer. What’s there to fear except the loss in true productivity in an economy already wavering mightily. We have not increased productivity when our Smartphones are so distracting we are more immersed in the distraction of the pop factor than the real factor.

Blackberry and True Productivity

Why is it that Blackberry produces real productivity and not this false productivity. Again, further research will have to be done to make certain there is not as much a coolness, pop factor with the Blackberry as there is with the iPhone. Yet, it seems less likely.

The hub supported by the notification light disengages you from constantly holding your Smartphone. You look at it when there’s a reason to look at it. The hub allows for extremely fast scanning of accounts to see if anything important has come in. If it hasn’t, you can move on with your work.

Finally Contrast this with all the Gimmicks Apple has been Reduced to Market so that it can Sell a Phone

Apple, without Steve Jobs, is certainly bereft of anyone with any vision that can produce interesting products. Bereft of this, Apple is turning to an old ploy. Make your devices ultra cool and useless by making them so ultra poppy you can’t take your eyes off the thing. Does not this new system reinforce holding your phone all the time, starring at it like a zombie and trying then to rub two brain cells together to do anything. Likely.

I write the above with a little emphasis to stress a point that not all that Apple does nor does glitz necessarily produce productivity. Hard, valuable and meaningful work do. Much psychological and sociological study will be conducted in the next few years but the bottom line here is that the new iPhones underimpress and overwhelm in their direction which is being questioned extensively now by social scientists of all ilks.

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