iPHONE 6s Anticipation


Billed as a movie as I recall, this is really more a documentary. I had seen the first movie to be released on Steve Jobs and although I liked it, generally it was panned. In the first movie, Jobs is painted as committed to his work and Apple and it was this pure determination with a large dash of genius that made up Steve Jobs.

The Documentary paints a similar yet Very Different Story

In the documentary, Steve Jobs is not just seen as a tough nosed businessman but he’s seen as harsh and in many ways cruel. To add to this damage, he didn’t seem to care when confronted with the issues.

Interestingly, I thought of the Apple of today which was founded by this man that was portrayed quite brutally but it seemed as truthful as truthful can get. When I say I thought of the Apple of today, what I mean to say is the culture that is Apple would be heavily influenced by the genius. His guard was left behind the man the ship and the ship looks like its sailing for rough waters.

If Rough Waters aren’t ahead they Should Be

In the documentary, two very dichotomous sides of Jobs were portrayed which made him a far more interesting person than one could imagine. The younger Jobs was as driven by his passion for his work as the older Jobs but he sought enlightenment through a Bhuddist monk. Enlightenment and yet cold. Enlightenment and yet mean and in fact rather Macheavelian.

The movie left me more wondering about this man than it did “enlighten” me. I could so relate to both the man looking for enlightenment and also the passionate, driven Jobs. But who was he. Who is Apple.

This company portrays itself as so concerned about the customer and its ratings around this would substantiate this claim. However, Jobs interest in the monk and the monastic life yet his drive towards power portray an interesting paradox that might be bread into the Apple culture.

A Movie Well Worth Seeing

At the end of the day, the question remains is this a movies worth seeing and the answer is most definitely. A lot is revealed in “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine”. This ability to illuminate this company cannot be underestimated in terms of value. It tells us alot about the man, who he was and the company he built.

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