A Reminder that the site “Tech Today Review” has Launched

Our new site the “http://techtodayreview.com“>Tech Today Review has now launched. Unlike the other sites, the Daily Mac View and the Mac View, Tech Today Review concentrates on all technologies. Further, the orientation of the site is very much skewed towards cross platform or the ability of systems to work if not identically in different environments, identically as far as the data output is concerned.

Refreshing Change

The world of the Apple computer and its ecosystem is without doubt an exciting one. However, the new site allows us to explore technologies as they evolve in different locales and that they do.

Windows, interestingliy enough, once the Bastion of closed systems, is now a fully Open Systems domain. They are delivering upon this due to the significant advantages open systems provides, both of a defacto and a standards based bodies approach. Microsoft is now not shy to state that they are firm believers in an open systems model.

Office and Office 365 work with Everything more or Less

The above systems are a good example of a much larger trend that has been growing in speed. With the advent of the cloud, no longer is this domain off limits. And companies of all ilks have been able to take positive advantage of this.

Check out “Tech Today Review”

This site is new but more than worth checking out. Our goal is to have this site enabled as a comprehensive database of articles, much as is the Daily Mac View, to provide a comprehensive perspective.

The Following Video

The attached video demonstrates exactly what can be done with cross system solutions and they’re ability to enable substantive productivity. Check out the video to see what is intended in the solutions garden.

Various GTD Productivity Solutions

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