Beta 8 was Released this Week

We are barreling down the beta road as we head towards the Sept 9 presentation, likely suggesting a release of Yosemite on that date. Reports from behind the back lines is El Capitan is one heck of a lot better than Yosemite could ever have hoped to be.

Yosemite Loaded

Yosemite was loaded with so many features the probability of it running smoothly, not having problems or capable of bringing a Mac Pro to its knees was far from improbable. In fact, Yosemite accomplished all the above with aplombe.

Tim Cook, in the spring announcement was quite clear that El Capitan would put quality over quantity emphatically. Could this be an Apple returning to its roots.

There were already a Ton of Features; A Bunch of Drunken Sailors hit Port that Night

Mavericks was already the most advanced and sophisticated OS on the market that even one new feature would not have effected that standing. To load the new OS with over 200 features represents the classical Freudian symbolism of the death wish. It was so unnecessary but that didn’t stop this new breed of Apple which succumbe with an inferiority complex it decided it would show the world. Thanks. It was very unnecessary to see that mess.

El Capitan Worlds Beyond

El Capitan represents not just a move back to its very sophisticated roots but roots that worked. Mac users are accustomed to quality over anything. They just naturally expect that. El Capitan, at this stage of the game would appear to be delivering.

Anything can happen between now and when Apple launches be that Sept 9 or beyond. Regardless, I for one hope it is true that Apple has settled down, grown up and got its ducks in line. Success did not come easy to the company. Now isn’t the time to blow it.

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