Has Apple woken up and Smelled the Coffee

One has to wonder if Apple has woken up yet and smelled the coffee or like that lazy Sunday morning they’re basking in their dreams reluctant to wake up to what can be a too demanding world. Apple accomplished some very strange and unique things in 2015 till this point certainly led off by 2014. Their message about delivering the best for the customer seemed to be getting muddled in delivering the best for Apple but was it the best for Apple. Of late, there has existed a confused and bemused press, a moderately disturbed consumer public wondering if on the one hand Apple will deliver on it’s magic and on the other if they are becoming too powerful; something akin to a monopoly. Finally, there’s been the techie crowd more interested than what Microsoft does but all the time looking over their shoulder for something great from Apple. What they seemed to see but was hard to absorb was a rather disoriented Apple pondering a past that really had so very little too do with their present. The confusion of the present times is most certainly of the makings of the present management seeming almost slightly over indulged with their own prowress but really to do nothing but to confuse.

The Rubber finally met the pavement for Tim Cook and well …

In an article I wrote a while back “Are Tim Cooks Days Numbered” I was questioning both the style and the substance of what was being announced. I recognized the Steve Job’s product portfolio was coming to an end, in the sense of new product that could be released, to watch Tim Cook make some interesting and confusing announcements.

Today, I’m delighted to say we have a watch that I don’t think anyone ever wanted and a well over-priced Mac Pro that doesn’t work (very well that is). This probably had more to do with the 200 plus features in Yosemite that few needed or wanted and drove developers crazy and drove Apple crazy trying to fix a release product up until now.

The Press is coming Down Hard on the Apple Watch

The press can both be a predictor and a barometer of things here and to come. For all intents and purpose they have basically written off the Apple watch and if they haven’t done the they are saying it’s too early to call (the same thing as well….)

However, there seems to be a ray of hope coming through those slightly dirty silver linings. There are indicators that Apple is slowing down and taking a breath and trying to figure out who they are.

Two Interesting Indicators or Rays of Hope

First and of significance is Apple’s intended goal of launching El Capitan based on quality or function rather than just a slew of features some needed, some desired and some which were totally unnecessary. El Capitan will likely come to us as that which Apple is known for and that’s a good, solid operating system that provides useful function with most of the bugs worked out.

Yosemite was too much for anyone. Filled with features it drove developers nuts trying to build for it and it kept Apple pretty busy on the phones answering the plethora of calls. Yosemite invoked damage in its lack of quality by affecting business operations and just operations. It wasn’t unusual to hear young people in love with the Apple phone perplexed by the problems they were having with their iPhone 6.

Both these operating systems should measure up this time. A well paced delivery system based on substantive needs will allow Apple to likely deliver what in El Capitan is a good product.

The AppleTV

In this Fortune magazine article “Coming Sept. 9: Apple TV’s one-two punch” they discuss one of the most significant things Apple could always have done and are now trying and putting some actual weight into and that is the AppleTV. This device that they, at one time relegated to hobby status, has always been their way to make a real dent.

In this 2013 article around Christmas I talk near the end of the value of the AppleTV. In this very recent article titled “The AppleTV Rumour: If it’s true it Will Radically Change the TV Industry” I again explore the value of the AppleTV for Apple.

Commentators, including Apple, are talking of the challenges they face in bringing this to market in a fashion acceptable to Apple. What is hopeful here is they are talking about something that has been something they could really hang their hat on rather than this crazy watch. The AppleTV has the potential of truly bringing good streaming TV into the home and for a reasonable price.

There will be a new AppleTV box so it only makes sense that they would add something new to use the box for. Hopefully, AppleTV comes to life or at least the path is set this time.

So Had Apple Woken Up and Smelled the Coffee

For all the rumors generated about Apple at any point in time, no one really knows until the day of when Apple themselves have launched a product that a product does exist. We won’t know till the day of but that day will be very telling.

This is what makes an Apple event exciting at one time. Now it just makes the event nerve wracking. There’s not as much choice left in the market these days. Windows 10 will likely be a success but this is a huge unknown and a bigger unknown will be whether Blackberry makes its way back.

Android is pretty messy but there’s hope their act will be straightened out. At the Tech Today Review the goal here is to monitor the growth in cross platform development and the ability for vendors to lay their products out on a specifically engineered platform that will allow individuals the choice of product they want to use.

This is only the beginning and this choice and capability will drive development. If Apple doesn’t wake up the market will have and be choosing exactly that which they want and what works. The times are still exciting regardless of Apple but they of course, at least, for now, remain relevant and the excitement of the past can still be reignited if only “they’d wake up and smell the coffee.”

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