Mindsense has Just Released Version 2 of Mail Pilot for the Mac

Mindsense, the creators of Mail Pilot for the Mac, have just released version 2 of the product. This product is built on GTD principles and views every task as an actionable item. It can now be considered a very stable client which is incredibly fast at managing your email.

IOS and Mac now work fully in Tandem

One incredibly powerful aspect of Mail Pilot now is there is a version 2 for both the IOS and Mac platforms. No other product, other than Apple’s mail can boast this. However, since the whole structure of Mail Pilot was rethought this is both a very intuitive and easy to use client and probably one of the fastest clients to use on the market.

Mail Pilot approaches mail very differently in that it sees a mail item as simply an actionable item. Using this metaphor, one can intrinsically work with mail pilot at a very quick rate.

After a Rocky Start a solid Product

Mail Pilot got off to a far rockier start than Mindsense at first believed would be the case. Mail Pilot version 1 seemed to be plagued with bugs and difficulties.

As Mindsense brought the version 2 product of the IOS platform to market they had finally nailed it. Now all that was left was to bring the version 2 of the Mac client to market and they would have one of the nicest performing mail systems available.

It is expected that for the early part of the launch the Mac client will be at half price.

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