Apple Introduces a new iPod Touch

Ipod touch 6th

After a long period of neglect, Apple has finally introduced a new lineup of iPod Touch’s. In this press release titled Apple Introduces The Best iPod touch Yet Apple goes on to describe just how enhanced the new iPod Touches are. They basically have the same raw elements of an iPhone 6 except the screen size is smaller. This was done purposefully, as the iPod Touch often appeals to a younger audience with a smaller hand.

A Question of Price and Necessity

Apple certainly is having a hard time getting things right these days. As I’ve noted, the iWatch is a solution waiting for a problem or even worse someone bold enough to wear this tackiness.

The Mac Pro is its own interesting form of a disaster. Its hard to discern if this was the right hardware looking for a good operating system, which we now know it didn’t have or did its crazy price make the disaster hit home too boldly.

Now, in this article from Geek Snack titled Is the iPod Touch still necessary in 2015?? we have, what one could consider, a hard hitting article with their their final observation being that, at this price, the iPod Touch is far expensive for that which is available elsewhere in the market.

Has Apple Lost Its Way

There is no question, from my perspective, that the iPod Touch is a beautiful device. Not everyone needs a phone and some already have the phone but it makes for a poor mp3 player. Add to this phone the iPod Touch and you could have a fairly powerful configuration.

Yet, at the same time, I get what Geek Snack is getting at. Depending on a users requirements which, in the case of the iPod Touch, will largely be driven by storage, the larger configurations are no doubt expensive. The reference by Apple to the young user etc who the unit might have broad base appeal is some what of polymorphism. Young people are generally extremely price sensitive.

Then there’s the older person that likes what they use but they live in the Mac ecosystem. They would not be as price conscious but they would just want it to work simply. A configuration using an iPod for data and music from the Touch while at the same time using the phone as a phone makes sense. If you live in the Apple ecosystem, a phone extended by the iPod Touch for music and applications can be a perfect solution and potentially far more cost effective than the very expensive iPhone 6.

A Rocky Road Yes but by No Means without an endpoint

The new iPod Touch is a marvelous device and if anything I was worried Apple might kill the line in favor of their one phone fits all strategy. It doesn’t. Yet, they might have taken that route and we would all suffer. The iPod line, if anything, balances the iPhone line and should help to keep prices in check.

The endpoint, that both devices bring us to but should be driven by needs, are systems that simply work for us. As Apple tries to rationalize their strategy we’re in for a lot of rocks along that road. However, some things will take us from point A to B far easier than others. In everyone’s case, an open systems solution will work so that everyone, especially the customer, comes out as a winner.

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