No Longer Islands unto Themselves

Here at the Mac view we provide you with brief, informational items on curret issues. At the Daily Mac View, articles on a subject tend to be more in depth. A current, hot topic that needs exploring is whether the Mac requires security software. At the Daily Mac View an article titled “THE MAC NOW NEEDS SECURITY” explores this issue. This is extremely appropriate especially as it relates to iPhone users as they tend shun such solutions but in reality can’t afford to look the other way.

No Longer Islands unto themselves

The iPhone, for most of its history, has been a personal workhorse. With every iteration of the OS, privacy and the issues around security are taking on larger roles.

As the iPhone penetrates the domains of the workplace and corporate America, security and the ability to manage the systems simply and effectively grows.

The safe abode of the life of the iPhone is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Your ability to meet these new challenges are open to measure. This article addresses a number of aspects of handling the need for enhanced security and is well worth reviewing.

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