The iPod Touch – Still Relevant

Music Lovers Delight

Today Apple released an updated version of the iPod Touch, a device that has always been considered fantastic by Apple Music Lovers that need to do more. In Forbes Magazine they reported The real reason Apple decided to release a new iPod Touch earlier today noting that the Apple store went offline for a while.

Other than the device is without telephony and has a 4″ screen this device is as powerful as the iPhone a much more expensive unit.

Not Received attention for a While

Attention In short Supply

The iPod Touch has received very little attention for a while as it stands in the shadow of the iPhone. It is wise for numerous reasons that Apple started paying heed to a device that turned around the company. Users who love their music and their iPods would have screemed bloody murder if Apple had dropped the line, a line that appeals to all age brackets but especially the young.

However, Apple’s benevolence should come from a place of solidity and not as Forbes says a Gateway drug. This is one fantastic product and I’m sure one that nets Apple positive direct indirect income. Further, the iPod does demonstrate how the Apple ecosystem works and that’s positive and not negative.

A Sound Move

Right overcomes Wrong

Apple’s continued investment and commitment to the iPod and specifically the iPod Touch is a very positive thing. It’s a great device for those who really are primarily just into music as nothing beats an Apple product for that.

The product is also a way of fully participating in the Apple ecosystem but say the person really prefers a different phone, they can have the best of both worlds. Fitting a phone into a pocket for music when it will be primarily used for that purpose makes the most sense.

This is a solid device and a solid application with a fairly long history that went a long way to saving Apple. Technologies of course change as do applications but in this case the application is just as alive if not more so when you consider Apples new streaming service than anything.