El Capitan goes to a Second Release

Only shortly after the first beta of El Capitan had been released, Apple has chosen to do a second release of the OS. Keeping in line with their strategy for the release of this OS, it is to be based on Quality vs Quantity. This is very wise. Yosemite was filled with a ton of functions but the OS ran terribly. It was filled with a great many bugs upon release, something unusual for Apple.

Yosemite Visually was Beautiful

Yosemite itself was probably one of Apple’s visually most beautiful operating systems. However, it was probably, at the same time, on of its buggiest and most unstable OS it had ever released. They are still trying to shore up the OS.

As such, it is interesting to see how El Capitan will play out. So far, it looks visually very stunning like Yosemite. Of course it would have bugs as it is beta but it seems more robust at first blush.

Release Date this Fall

Apple has a lot of work ahead of it. They have set the fall as its release date which doesn’t seem that far away. Yet, if this is an OS to be based on Quality not Quantity this seems like a very doable target.

Yosemite has been a very challenging OS for both the customer and Apple. Everyone is hoping loudly that they do pull off a quality OS in El Capitan.