First Seed of El Captain Arrives

I downloaded the first seed of El Captain last night to no fanfare. If this is like Yosemite, it will be a long, drawn out beta. However, hopefully this is nothing like Yosemite. That operating system was visually stunning. On the other hand, it was probably the worst OS Apple has ever delivered. Riddled with bugs, it is keeping most beta testers well busy even in the fourth revision.

Hopefully this is about Quality and Not Quantity

Tim Cook said to look for quality and not quantity of features in this release of the OS. All will more than likely be happy with this. Yosemite is feature laden. There’s enough under the hood to power the most demanding of coming applications. Yet, not in the shape the OS is in. If it can’t run properly and it can’t, then there is no way we can expect it will power the next generation of applications including the existing.

Yosemite, to put it bluntly, was a mess. The beta program was disorganized. Enough was laden before the trough to say go slow to avert a severe road bump but it didn’t happen as who is in charge. It seemed no one.

Let Us Hope for a Better El Captain

Well Apple got off to, what this author feels is a very stupid name for an operating system. Yet, this doesn’t have to mean this will be anywhere nearly as bad as Yosemite. This one, if done right, could wind up being a huge success. The best thing Apple can do to ensure it is done right is to not load the OS down with unnecessary features but to shore up what is and only bring to market that which is essential to the future. This is neither asking too much nor too little but a perfect mix.

New Applications on their Way

We know there are new applications on their way. Things we haven’t thought of along with those that have become apparent are on the shore. Yet, to do what needs to be done requires a robust OS geared for tomorrow but able to meet solidly present demands. The underpinnings of this are in Yosemite now.

Yosemite and all of OS X inherits its strength from its underlying Unix operating system. This is an OS that has been around a long time. It is a tried and true OS. The mistake Apple made with Yosemite was slapping on a number of functions to the OS incorrectly and not knowing what they did that was incorrect. There is nothing to say that Unix isn’t up to the job. It, like anything, just has to be done right.

Let’s Hope in El Captain this is Exactly what they Do

The time arrived in Yosemite for a robust OS. The new applications were already making themselves apparent. However, Apple has given themselves another kick at the can to get it right. It needs to be right.

If say Apple pay is to be the success it can and should be, the OS has to be as firm as the Rock of Gibraltar. The beta testers can only do as well as Apple let’s them. They can input the problems and bugs they field. But if the company chooses to have chaos instead of sanity the result will be exactly what one would expect. An OS that doesn’t stand the test nor show its mettle something which would be a great shame for all.

So to the Beginnings of a Vibrant Future

We shouldn’t be fooled and think Apple alone will bring us this new and vibrant future alone. Microsoft, IBM, the system’s integrators, the networking people and many a developer will be busy as the information revolution unfolds.

Since Apple has become one of the most important end user systems though their role is critical to the success of much of what is to come. The old expression of the weakest link in a chain holds true. Much can be obtained and lost all at the same time if a wild, wild, wild west mentality dominates during this beta. So here’s hoping.

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