Once Again Apple Shirks the AppleTV

WWDC has come and gone. What I noticed most significantly about this years WWDC was just how odd it was. In past years, I’ve been impressed by the quality of the event and the game changer it often is. I wasn’t looking for a lot of ground breaking features mind you this year but rather quality in those features that are put forward.

This year had little though of anything to offer and I often was wondering if I was watching the Apple as I know it or another company pretending to be Apple.

Sincerely though…

WWDC was, to say the least, very strange. Yosemite is calling itself El Capitaine. Is Apple now in the cartoon business. From there, it was surreal. IOS 9 I can say little about as there is so little to say about it. Yet, when I think just a touch about this I can easily say it was certainly as disappointing as everything to this point.

And Now there is MUSIC which I think Apple did a Number of Years Ago

For this part of the show, Eddy Cue delighted us with his dance capabilities and are we really to expect there is something here that we don’t already have. Isn’t it really Apple is just very late to the show.

Frankly, I thought Apple was doing quite fine on that front till it bought Beats and then it decided to buy Beats. This was Apple’s “One More Thing” piece which is usually quite significant yet this year it was profoundly insignificant.

The One Thing they Could have Hung their Hat on and Didn’t

Apple had in their back pocket and have had for a long time the AppleTV, a product they could have gone to town with. We’ve been hearing about this one for so long now and Apple never does anything with it. It’s time to forget this now and if Apple continues down the course they’re going is it possibly not time to begin thinking of other possibilities.

Apple is there but it is as if the company is either so asleep at the wheel or so self-important they cannot see the forest for the trees.

A WWDC well worth Filing under a Time Waster

Apple is doing themselves little favors these days. Their ability to see the bigger picture is dissolving into Eddy Cue dancing to a Cuban rythm.

Has Apple squandered their visionary think cap. Certainly not yet but they are doing a good job trying. It was hard to pick up anything about this WWDC that was in any way the Apple we knew nor, one had to wonder, what Apple is this becoming. It’s sad when one sees through every fault of their own the shortomings they seem to be bringing on themelves.

Apple Fanboi’s seem to have to justify being Apple Fanboi’s and yet at the same time are wondering why they are. Apple stalwart’s seem to be worrying. The Analysts are confused.

I, for one, am growing tired of this Apple that seems to shove their good fortunes in people’s faces but am still pleased by the third parties that work so hard to keep Steve Job’s dream alive.

I wondered about these players who had lots of time to pay accolades to each other and wondered whether they realized what their customers have done for them and not what they’ve done for them. If they keep it up, they’re going to do a real good job wasting our time.

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