Drafts: Elegance in Simplicity


As you read the Daily Mac View, you might see something turn up in more than one place touting it’s wonders. We have different sections to try to delineate an items function. Drafts is one of those products you’ll see in more than one spot,

Editor’s Choice

Drafts is definitely, and has been for quite some time, an editor’s choice solution. This is for more than one reason but one of its simplest design philosophies was that often we need to write down some information but we don’t exactly know where that should go. Rather than fumbling around for the perfect tool, you record the information in Drafts. Later though you send the information to the tool it should be in. This is, in a way so simple but so logical.

Excellent Interapplication Tool

Drafts thus is a place just to jot down that important piece of information but later you realize it’s best suited somewhere else. In the earlier days of IOS, inter-disciplinary function was limited. Drafts bridged this gap and allowed you to move a simple piece of information to a more appropriate tool. Thus, a note that was really a task could be simply sent to your task manager allowing you to quickly realize it’s a task thus it’s better suited to a task manager.

Simple but ever so powerful and it bridged the gap from a place in which we had little inter application support to the place we now are which has a lot of such support. Thus, another benefit of Drafts that makes it so valuable is the ease with which you could record your information and yet get it to the most appropriate tool.

A Gem to Work With


Drafts, from the get go, supported numerous apps. There were, of course some that couldn’t be covered and likely not every tool can be covered but if it has a URL schema you should be able to move your information out of drafts and to its logical home.

The benefits of structural organization while maintaining fluidity can’t be underestimated. Ease which translates to speed ensures you will get your information recorded. Inter application communication ensures that when you go to look for something you should find it in its logical home. From going to having abandoned or having no information, you have the information located in the right spot.

This program is definitely an editors choice.

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