The Hit List for the iPhone Marches Forward

Karelia software announced that their popular iPhone app which is part of the Hit List has been upgraded to version 2.3. Primarily oriented to incorporate functionality for the Apple Watch, this already marvelous program continues to be polished.

To the Mountain

At the following post titled “One Today At A Time“ Karelia details the enhancements to version 2.3 of the app for the iPhone and the Apple watch.

The Hit List, under the guidance of its new home Karelia, is making efforts to turn things around and become, once again, one of the major GTD players they were accustomed to being.

Excellent Program

The Hit List is one of best task management programs with a strong GTD orientation. Although it floundered for a couple of years, Karelia seems to be determined to make this the program it is and can be.

Version 2.3 of the IOS portion of the Hit List is a strong indicator of this renewed energy.