The Apple watch is garnering Criticism

I’ve not been a proponent of the Apple watch. I used to wonder what the Beats purchase was all about and of course there’s still no definitive answer on that one. The Apple watch though is of Apple’s making. I really don’t get this one at all.

Numerous Downsides

There are numerous downsides of which there are far too many to list here. However, two of the most significant is you have to have an iPhone for it to be of any benefit and it needs to be charged daily. For many, the iPhone is the answer to all their mobility needs including telling time. For others, they like a different phone from the iPhone and yet this device makes no bones about telling you, you have to have an iPhone. This is as in your face as your going to get and for those of us who believe in Apple, the technology and the iPhone we don’t think anyone needs something shoved in their face and told you have to have an iPhone.


The charging of the iPhone 5 and 5s was near enough to drive a complete population over the edge. However, a watch was something that you could count on running for quite some time before the battery went dead till the dawn of the Apple watch.

A Google Search that Says it All

If you type into Google “hate Apple Watch” just to see what you turn up with you’ll be amazed at the number of articles that are just aching for you to read them. However, this one particularly caught my attention called Why I Bought the Apple Watch Even Though It Makes No Damn Sense. He concludes his article this way:

I want to be lost. I want to twirl that damn knob and press that weird button and hard tap that tiny screen just to see what happens. Because I honestly have no idea what will happen.

And that’s basically what I’m buying. The unknown. It’s been a long time since that’s been for sale.

So What’s in Store

At the end of the day, it’s Apple. I doubt the product – this product – will be overly successful. Personally, I hope not. There’s some technologies that are fantastic and move us forward either individually, as a society or both. You know these technologies as soon as you touch and feel them. Then there’s the technologies that just have to be. And finally, there are those that there’s a question mark around often for very good reason.

As time marches on, we will know where this technology sits. The early adopters will now rest and the rest of us will decide if this is something we need, want or can do without. It will become apparent whether this is a fad or something significant/meaningful relatively soon.

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