Fantastical for OS X

There’s a lot of great software for the Mac now. I can remember a time when there was a dearth of good Mac software and many of us had to rely on say Parallels and Windows for good software. Not so anymore.

At the Daily Mac View it is our intent to every so often tell you about a piece of software, sometimes extremely well known, that just stands out and must be presented as an outstanding piece of software. There won’t be any set time frame to do this but it seemed like the time to present another excellent piece of software is upon us.

Fantastical 2

Fantastical has stood out on the Mac and iDevices as wonderful software to work with. It has now been made available to the Mac and it is an impressive product.

Busycal is a close runner up and is a very impressive Calendar in its own right and might be better suited to some people’s taste. However, Fantastical for the Mac is a truly impressive product. It sync’s flawlessly with the other Fantastical products but uses much of what made them great.

Natural Language

Entries can still be made using the natural language technique. This function is being mimicked in other products but remains outstanding in Fantastical. An entry such as Lunch with Joe on Tuesday at 1pm /d will easily translate into a 2 pm luncheon engagement on Tuesday. Once you’ve used this technique, you don’t want to go back to the old manner of data entry.

Looks Great

Fantastical for the Mac also looks great. It’s color rich making for just a more enjoyable experience. This wouldn’t often be part of a product overview but since it stands out it needed to be mentioned.

Not Inexpensive but Worth It

This is not an inexpensive product but if you use the other Fantastical products it makes perfect sense to add the Mac version in as well. A superb product, you won’t be disappointed.

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