I just wrote an article on Todoist as the cross platform product that it is. In a way, as editor’s choice, where does this go. IOS, the Mac, Windows???, the BlackBerry??? Well, it fits in all categories but I’ll put it under the Mac.

Once Tried

If you ever get to try the product or are in the market for a good task management system, this is the one to go with whether it were to stand on its own or up against the likes of OmniFocus. It’s a wonderful product and the way items are presented, is just so clean, it makes sense from the get go.

The Power Rests in the Query Capability

Often, we approach our task management systems at a very cursory level. We are just so rushed for time, we barely have the time to really explore what our system is trying to tell us or what it can tell us.

Todoist has one of the best query facilities available. You can not only get a handle on what you need to do and how important it is, but you can query your data to get some real information back. It’s actually very useful to take advantage of this functionality as it will lead you not only to how to handle things but what you’ve done.

It’s very useful to know your accomplishments and how you brought them about. You can learn from your learning. This is far more valuable than at first might appear to be the case.

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